About Us


My name is Claire and I am married with four children and I run the Guinea Pig Getaway from our home.

The Guinea Pig Getaway is inspired by my love of caring for my pets which consist of cockatiels that live in our aviary. I also have lots of guinea pigs,two rabbits, two dogs, a parrot and parakeet. I am experienced in animal care in many ways having gained a national certificate and have been grooming dogs professionally for the last sixteen years.  Other experiences include spending 6 Months in Greece assisting a local Charity neutering the stray cat population and I also have Zoo work experience. I currently help out at a local animal rescue, My main experience comes from caring for my own pets over the years. I am by no means a expert on any animal but I have a real love and interest in all animals and have owned in the past (and present) a large variety of pets and feel this has given me an extensive knowledge. Although I love all of my animals I get particular pleasure looking after my guinea pigs inspiring the creation of the Getaway!
My pets in pictures.
madaline Fluffy
Matilda   Evie